This Sunday, June 10th, the PCF singers and band will be leading worship with some powerful songs. Rick Coy will be joining the music team and we look forward to sharing a brand new get-up-out-of your-seat and clap your hands worship song.

What is the Gospel? I have read the stories in the New Testament for years but this past week I was awakened, I think that is the best way to say it, to a whole new perspective of what Jesus was teaching. Some of the most common stories in the bible, which many of us have read or heard many sermons on a hundred times have taken on a whole new meaning with my new insight. If you have skeptic friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers, who either doubt or are turned off about what Christianity is all about, I promise you this Sunday is going to shake all of us loose from what I call the same ol, same ol! Get them to this service. There is going to be great music, a great revealing message about Jesus’ teachings. It really really is the best News you will ever hear in your entire life with this new understanding!

See you Sunday ay 8:45am at 800 north main edwardsville! You may not be able to stay in your seat. Love, pastor kent . PCF is a non-denominational group of people who seek to know the life changing power Jesus. Come join us.