Faye Heuchert has had her surgery and the doctor says the operation corrected the two aneurysms. She is in ICU for the next couple of days. She is having some pain this morning but the nurses say that she is doing good.

Elizabeth Adams Marks’ grandaughter Elyse has some heart issues. This adorable little girl is only about 1 year old and will be having more tests . Please lift little Elyse to Gods healing touch.

There are others on our prayer list but I wanted to get this update out to all of you. Prayers are powerful! THANK YOU.

Announcement from Shauna Boad and the project at Amazing Grace at Logan Place. Shauna is having a fund raising yard sale at the property this weekend. The Yard Sale is from 8-4 Friday and Saturday. She would appreciate any help during those hours. She is also asking for help to set the sale up today at 4:00.

Our next  PCF meeting is on the 19th at 9:00am at GLIK PARK!  I hope you can join us for this very informal gathering. A great place to introduce friends to the PCF Family.