Dear PCF family, here is what the PCF board has decided. We will be the Church Without Walls all summer.  All services are going to be held outdoors at Glik Park at 9:00am thru September. Our June meetings will be next Sunday, June 2nd and then on June 16th. We will have communion on June 2nd.

The board and I discussed options for the summer schedule and decided that our current 11:00am meeting time isn’t conducive for attendance that late in the morning especially when the weather is beautiful. The park offers a very casual yet inviting atmosphere and everyone seems to enjoy these services. Obviously weather can always be a concern so just stay tuned to the blog and you will always know if there are any changes to our schedule. So mark your calendars for June 2nd and June 16th and I will see you at the park!

Love your neighbor as much as you love yourself! If you can just keep that thought in mind at all times it will certainly influence how you react to many of life’s challenging situations with people. Who is your neighbor? This is the question the expert in religious law asked Jesus after telling him the parable of the good Samaritan in the book of Luke. According to the parable it is anyone that we come across who has a need. That puts quite a burden on many of us. A burden because we all have priorities and our priorities almost always trump other peoples needs, wants and desires.  So what do we do? Stay attached to the vine! AND by the way, thats not easy either but there is an answer? His name is Jesus who came to save all of us in spite of ourselves and in spite of all our shortcomings, greed, selfishness, and sin. Once you can grasp the fact that you are already saved by GRACE, then and only then can you begin to walk closer to Jesus and His teachings.  Because then and only then will you be able to act out of immense love and gratitude for what Jesus has done for you. It’s hard to grasp because we live in a world where you have to work and struggle to get what you want but that is NOT how the true gospel (The Good News) works. You and I are not worthy and we will never be good enough to earn what Jesus has already given us out of love. Accept that fact, think about that, meditate on that, and then you might just start to grasp the immensity of what the gift of Grace is really about! AMEN

Good News

Faye Heuchert is back home! She will continue to recover at home with the help of Brad and family and we are looking forward to seeing her back up and at it soon.

See you all soon. Love, pastor Kent