ATTENTION! PCF services have been moved to 10:30 AM from here on out. Services will remain every other Sunday!

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Pastor Kent D. Schuette

Pastor Kent D. Schuette

“I am a seeker of wisdom! I started reading the bible when I was 19 years old.” Read More

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What if you found a way for people to experience less suffering in their lives? How important would it be for you to share that discovery? The suffering could be caused by sadness, discontent, anger, jealousy, disappointment or what ever is keeping one from experiencing peace, fulfillment, and joy.

That is my ministry, sharing the path I found to having greater peace, fulfillment and joy. I, like most people have had my share of disappointment, unhappiness, and struggles throughout life. I was a single parent, I have a handicapped son, I have been divorced, and have had health issues. But the good news is, through all of these trials I kept seeking answers. The answers I have found are life changing in a very positive way.

Praise Community Fellowship is a place where anyone can come with their issues and problems and learn these life-changing truths. Come find peace and hope with us. Come and let our Praise Fellowship Family be a center of hope and love for you and your family.

Sincerely, and with Love, Kent

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This Sunday and more…….

This Sunday, October 21st, Praise Community Fellowship will have service at 10:30am at 800 North Main Street Edwardsville at the Immanuel United Methodist Church. I will be speaking on the power of the Psalms especially when things in life are causing us great pain....

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Raise the Praise is awesome!

The RTP community choir met for the 4th time last night and it was a blast! We had 20+ people singing in the choir and several new visitors. It is our hope that this choir will become a source of saving grace to many in the future. Music, especially Holy Spirit filled...

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Brent Leh Memorial Service

Many of you have been asking about Brent Leh's memorial service. Brent is the youngest son of Ann Ottwein Culp who lost his life in a motorcycle accident this past weekend. A Memorial Service will be held at noon on Sunday, October 14th, followed by a Celebration of...

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